Why You Should Play An Instrument

There are numerous benefits to playing an instrument. The most notable: you’ll have fun while doing it. However, listening and playing music has shown that it can do more than just produce fun. I’ll break down ways that learning a musical instrument can improve your life.

Increased memory capacity

Learning how to play an instrument can drastically improve your memory capacity. It stimulates your brain – whether playing or simply listening. A study conducted by the Brain Connection showed that preschoolers who had weekly keyboard lessons improve their spatial-temporal skills 34% more than those without such lessons. And these effects lasted long-term as well.

The Telegraph, an online magazine, stated that instruments can help shape and power the brain, improving cognitive skills.

By playing an instrument, you are using the parts of your brain associated with motor skills, storing audio info, memory and hearing.

Improve your teamwork

Throughout your life, you will run into scenarios where teamwork is a necessity. Improving these skills early in life is important, as you will run into a variety of teamwork situations throughout your educational career.

When thinking about teamwork, most strictly associate it with athletics. However, playing in a band is a great way to gain experience in a team environment. Working with others to make music teaches you to how cooperating, interact and learn from a variety of people. Also, doing things such as improvising allows you to work closely off of other people’s musical talents. You need to listen to others and learn how to incorporate your sound with theirs.

Improve your mathematics

Counting notes, keeping a rhythm and learning musical theory can dramatically improve your math skills. There have been many studies that show students playing instruments are statistically superior in math to those who do not.


Learning how to play an instrument is a constant struggle. Playing an instrument is a talent that rarely comes naturally; instead, you must work at it constantly. Adding perseverance to your personality is something that will constantly benefit you in life. There will be multiple times that you have to go through even the simplest of pieces before you have perfected them. Once you move on to more advanced songs, artists begin breaking songs down into different sections before putting all the pieces together.

Comprehension skills

Music involves constant reading and comprehension – it’s similar to learning a new language. As a result, your comprehension skills will improve drastically after playing music for only a short amount of time. Turning a written note into something you are playing on an instrument is more complicated than most think.

Self-expression and stress relief

Playing a musical instrument allows you to improvise and constantly try new techniques. When improvising, the notes that you play are an expression of your own thoughts and feelings. It’s creating a piece of art.

However, music can also be used to relieve stress. If you’re having a bad day, get on the drums and beat the heck out of them. It’s a great form of therapy that will help you express yourself and feel relaxed afterwards.

Give yourself a sense of achievement

Mastering a track can be a goal for you to overcome. Presenting yourself with challenges will always give you the opportunity to get a sense of achievement. Creating beautiful music that other people want to hear – now that is truly an accomplishment.