The Success of Ernie Ball

Guitar strings have been thriving in sales despite what many see as a music industry that’s being outpaced by digital music that lacks guitars and other attention-stealing hobbies/technologies. Ernie Ball, which even a novice guitar player will recognize for guitar and bass strings that deliver quality at a money saving price, have been posting nearly double digit growth for several years.

ernie ball - Carl KoenemannWhat makes Ernie Ball so successful despite being in an industry that is apparently declining around them? For starters, the still family owned and run company has remained active in keeping up with the changing times. According to Sterling Ball, son of the company’s founder, Ernie, when over a decade ago the fear that video games had taken kids’ attention from music, Ernie Ball sought to appeal to that new demographic that had been created through the rise of video game technology.

One of Ernie Ball’s best selling products, the Music Man guitar models, also owes its success to the company’s methods of appealing to newer and diverse audiences. John Petrucci, considered by many as one of the best guitarist around, has been the face of Music Man. Petrucci’s signature guitar is the number two selling guitar on the market – second only to Les Paul. As a company, Ernie Ball understands the value that an ambassador like John Petrucci can bring to a product. When rebranding the entire Music Man guitar line after several successful years, they made John Petrucci the official face of it and have the growing sales numbers to prove it was an effective move.

While on the topic of guitars, it is important to remember legendary guitarist B.B. King who passed away earlier this month. King performed for over five decades and is considered one of the most influential blues guitarists of all-time.