Best Websites For Learning The Guitar

ArtistWorks Guitar Campus

If you’re a beginner or an expert, you should give ArtistWorks a visit. It literally feels like a campus because there is just so much knowledge and information. ArtistWorks covers anything from bluegrass to dobro. Six instructors regularly contribute to the site – one of which is Paul Gilbert.

One thing that the website stresses is allowing you to go from point A to point B. It sets a strategic map of lessons to learn to help you improve every day.

Shred Academy

If you’re looking to get into heavy metal guitar, look no further. Shred Academy only dedicates itself to heavy metal music, diving into a bunch of different metal techniques. It covers everything from arpeggios sweeps to pentatonics. But it also teaches you how to take care of your guitar and provides a Q&A forum for all of its viewers.

If you’re looking to spend some extra cash, the site features a VIP section that features a bunch of instructors.

Dolphin Street

Based purely as a YouTube channel, Dolphin Street has a wide variety of educational videos that show you different styles of playing. If you’re looking to learn more about music theory, such as scales and improvising, this is the place to be.

Also, Dolphin Street posts reviews on guitars, amps and a variety of other stuff. Check it out.


This site has a large database of bands throughout the world, giving you the original master tracks on all of them. The software specializes, however, in allowing the user to isolate parts of a song. Once isolated, you can either slow the song down or continuously loop the isolated portion.

Guitar Lessons

Instructional videos are the strong suit of this site. With a huge collection, it allows you to view all of these videos free of charge. It breaks down the sections for beginners, extreme experts and anywhere in between. Also, it is strong in providing you with the guidelines for each musical genre. This shows you what the difference is between heavy metal, punk rock and others.

Guitar Lessons also offers you jam tracks. Play along with drums or a full band – all while acting like you’re the lead guitarist of Led Zeppelin.

Justin Guitar

A free website, Justin Guitar adds three new lessons each week. It is a resource for downloading chord books, tablature and more. Also, the site features video interviews with a variety of legends in the industry.

If you’re looking to purchase gear, check out Justin Guitar. It offers a bunch of guides on which products are the best.


Jamplay offers thousands of hours of video lessons across the internet – covering a whole plethora of genres. Instructors have posted lesson plans on Jamplay, as well as just posting jam sessions in general. Jamplay also offers the ability to live chat with instructors.

There is also a long list of celebrity instructors on the site – Mike Mushok, Travis Miguel and Steve Stevens are just a few.