About Carl Koenemann

Carl Koenemann has always had an affinity for music. From a young age music has always taken Carl to a place in time. As a product of the late 80’s with young parents, Carl was fortunate to be exposed to several types of music at a young age. Operating his parent’s 8-track player as a 5-year-old, Carl recalls listening to everything from Eric Clapton to Bruce Springsteen. After listening to “If You Want Blood” by AC/DC one day in the car with his father, his sights were set on becoming a guitar player.

In fourth grade, Carl picked up the saxophone and continued playing for a couple years. Soon, however, Carl would find his way back to his true calling: the guitar. He began taking guitar lessons at Dr. Woods Guitar Emporium in sixth grade and hasn’t put it down since.

In junior high and his early years of high school, Carl and three of his close friends started a punk rock band called Autonomous. This is where he further developed skills as a player and songwriter. He would regularly participate in local “Battle of the Bands” competitions.

During his college years, Carl Koenemann enjoyed playing in coffee houses throughout St. Louis.

During his college years, Carl Koenemann enjoyed playing in coffee houses throughout St. Louis.

Carl still recalls the day that he discovered Napster.

“My parents bought a desktop PC in September of 1999 and I made quick work of discovering new types of music. I came across an artist by the name of John Mayer and I was hooked.”

Carl told me about the hours he spent searching Napster and other archives for all of the John Mayer music that was available. Carl even remembers trying to take credit for “Your Body Is a Wonderland” – until he was sitting beside his junior high girlfriend and the song came on the radio.

As Carl Koenemann’s musical taste developed, he was drawn to the blues. He found himself listening to Eric Clapton, Jimmy Hendrix and Albert King for hours on end.

Once in college, Carl began playing the acoustic guitar. This was due to limited practice space – Carl had to become a one-man band. He traveled around St. Louis, performing at the Broadway Oyster Bar and various coffee houses in the area. Carl would usually bring a singer to accompany him, playing hour-long sets.

These days, you can find Carl Koenemann playing every Sunday at the Immanuel Lutheran Church in Palatine, Illinois.

Carl continues to play music whenever he gets the opportunity. He hopes this website will be able to offer lessons and materials for others to use in the future.